A jury found the executive director of the Rutland Region Chamber of Commerce not guilty on Thursday of driving in November 2017 with a blood-alcohol content greater than the legal limit.

Mary Cohen, 56, was arraigned on Dec. 18, 2017, in Rutland criminal court on two charges related to driving while under the influence of alcohol.

After the one-day trial on Thursday, the jury found Cohen not guilty on one count but the jury was hung on the second count.

Rutland County Deputy State's Attorney Travis Weaver said he expected the state would seek a retrial for the charge of driving while under the influence.

Cohen and her attorney, Devin McLaughlin, could not be reached on Friday.

The charges against Cohen were based on an affidavit from the Rutland City Police Department.

The affidavit said Cohen was stopped after failing to signal a turn on the morning of Nov. 25, 2017.

After being stopped, Cohen gave two breath samples, one indicating her blood-alcohol content was 0.89% and one that her blood-alcohol content was 0.061%. The legal limit in Vermont is 0.08%.

During the trial, the state introduced evidence that Cohen might have been under the limit when she gave one breath sample; dating backward from the time of the stop indicated her blood-alcohol content would have been over the limit at the time of the stop in November 2017.

Cohen continues to be the leader of the local chamber of commerce as she was during the stop in 2017.

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Something seems to be missing from the next to the last paragraph of this story as it makes no sense to me. Please clarify it.

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