A local man could be sentenced to up to 24 years in jail if convicted of the several drug-related charges he faced at a Monday arraignment, based on an accusation by police that he possessed marijuana, cocaine and LSD as recently as the end of May.

Nicholas W. Roucoulet, 36, pleaded not guilty Monday in Rutland criminal court to a felony count of possessing more than 2.5 grams of cocaine, a felony count of cultivating more than 25 marijuana plants, a misdemeanor charge of selling marijuana and a misdemeanor charge of possession of lysergic diethylamide acid, or LSD.

Roucoulet was released without bail.

In an affidavit, Officer Michael Hoffman, of the Killington Police Department, said he learned May 30 from Chief Whit Montgomery, of the same department, of what he believed was a marijuana growing operation on East Mountain Road at the Whiffletree Condominiums.

A photo of 24 plants believed to be marijuana was provided to the police by a property manager at Whiffletree.

On May 31, the affidavit said, the property manager spoke with Hoffman. He said he had seen the plants, which he believed were marijuana, around May 27.

Hoffman said his application for a search warrant was approved by Judge Cortland Corsones on May 31.

At the condominium, Hoffman said Roucoulet told him that he and two roommates moved in at Whiffletree on May 24.

Hoffman said three blue bags were visible on the dining room table. Roucoulet told police the bags contained cocaine, the affidavit said.

Roucoulet told police where to find the alleged marijuana plants, Hoffman said. He denied that either of his roommates were involved in the marijuana growing operation or the drugs.

The affidavit said police eventually found 19 blue bags containing what police believe was cocaine. The total weight was estimated to 13.3 grams.

Police also seized more than 150 bags of marijuana edibles. Roucoulet allegedly admitted to receiving the edibles from California under the agreement that he would sell the bags.

Several cartridges that could be used with e-cigarette or vaping equipment and dispense THC were also found, Hoffman said. The cartridges were labeled to indicate they were flavored with names like “Wedding Cake,” “Blueberry Cherry” and “Gelato.”

The affidavit said six doses of LSD were found on the dresser in Roucoulet’s room.

Hoffman said Roucoulet admitted he sold cocaine, marijuana edibles, butane hash oil and the THC-infused cartridges but said the LSD was for his own use.

Hoffman said Roucoulet declined to identify his source for the drugs “stating he didn’t want to get any of his friends in trouble.”

A field test of one bag of the suspected cocaine was conducted at the Rutland barracks of the Vermont State Police. The test was positive, Hoffman said.

During questioning at the barracks, Roucoulet allegedly repeated that his two roommates had no involvement with the drugs or the marijuana plants, and said he was selling drugs to support his own drug habit.



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