A bill has been introduced in the House to ban internet sales of e-cigarettes or the nicotine-containing liquid associated with what are commonly called Juuls.

The bill was introduced Tuesday and referred to the House Committee on Human Services.

The introduction of the bill explains its purpose is to prevent “anyone from selling electronic cigarettes, liquids containing nicotine or otherwise intended for use with an electronic cigarette or tobacco paraphernalia in Vermont unless that person is a licensed wholesale dealer or purchased the items from a licensed wholesale dealer. It would also prohibit shipping these items to anyone in Vermont other than a licensed wholesale dealer or retailer.”

Rep. George Till, D-Jericho, said the bill was one of several he was introducing to keep e-cigarettes away from Vermonters younger than 21.

Another bill that Till introduced during the current session would increase the age for purchasing and possessing tobacco, tobacco substitutes and tobacco paraphernalia from 18 to 21.

Prohibiting the sale of e-cigarettes over the internet is one way to help keep them out of the hands of those who would be too young to buy them at a brick-and-mortar store, Till said.

“We’ve had such an explosion of the utilization of these e-cigarettes that it has completely endangered 50 years of progress on reducing tobacco utilization because your brain does not care whether you became addicted to nicotine from electronic cigarettes or traditional tobacco, you need that nicotine,” Till said.

According to Till, there are 10,000 kids in Vermont using tobacco who could die prematurely because of their nicotine use.

Sarah Cosgrove, respiratory therapist for the Community Health Improvement department at Rutland Regional Medical Center, said she was very concerned that young people were lured into using e-cigarettes because they are flavored to taste like candy or other appealing flavors.

While Cosgrove said she hadn’t read the proposed legislation, she praised the Vermont Legislature for trying to take action.

“I love the great state of Vermont because we trudge forward no matter what. I have to say that I think these are fantastic efforts that need to be put in place. This is the protection of our youth,” she said.

Rep. Martin LaLonde, D-South Burlington, who introduced the bill along with Till, said his position on the South Burlington School Board gave him perspective of the prevalence of e-cigarette use among teenagers.

“I was speaking with the principal of our high school and he was saying from his knowledge that really where kids are getting the Juul products is not going to a local convenience store or getting somebody older to buy it, although that probably happens, too. At the convenience stores, they’re actually very good about checking ID so a lot of kids are going on the internet,” he said.

Till has been working on the issue for some time.

A bill to raise the age for buying tobacco in Vermont was passed in the House in 2016 but wasn’t approved in the Senate.

“I think there’s a pretty good awareness in the building of how much of a problem this is becoming. It’s got a fair amount of publicity. I think this has a very good chance,” he said.

Till said he believes the Senate will be more supportive during the current session.

LaLonde said he hoped the Human Services Committee will have hearings and invite testimony from interested parties including the companies that make e-cigarettes.

By the end of the week, Till intends to introduce legislation that would tax e-cigarettes in the same way as traditional paper and tobacco cigarettes.

“We don’t really tax these e-cigarettes. The only tax on these things are sales tax, but I have another bill, which will be out later this week, to raise the tax the same as other tobacco products,” Till said.



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Banning the sale of e-cigs online is a great idea - something that other states should follow. Now that it is clear that cigarette companies are moving in on the vaping industry as well as keeping their existing cigarette smoking base aggressive action to stop additional addiction is called for not only by the FDA and Congress but also by local and state elected officials.


Millions of people have found vaping, which is 95% safer than smoking. It's not harmless but its the next best thing and is a powerful tool when quiting the immensely addictive habit of smoking.
I tried quitting smoking after a decade and I tried patches, gums, tapering and cold turkey and nothing worked....I would become "lost" and "confused" and became aggravated when I didnt have a cigarette. Later on I found out its the chemicals like Ammonia put in cigarettes to purposely keep you stuck on smoking. Treating vaping as a "dangerous" facet is asinine and the attack on it should wake up to how much Government relies on the Smoking Taxes that States are paid every year, but they have to follow strict guidelines to receives these payments. I would love to know where the numbers came from in this article and why no "Journalist" does any research anymore...anyone with a quick search can find that Vaping is 95% safer than smoking and Teen use is declining every year....but I guess Teens smoking real cigarettes that actually cause cancer and real health problems is better right?

We need less legislation, restrictions, taxes, and Government in our lives...None of it actually helps anything and only serves to make people "feel" better about themselves because "something was done". Parents should be doing their part in this, not Government. I dont see how taking away a much safer smoking alternative from EVERYONE is a better option, especially knowing that Vaping has no history of any real side effects. Why not ban lollipops next, sugar causes diabetes right? Why not go after REAL issues instead of looking to create problems or fix problems that are not problems with real concern.

I find it hilarious that Vermont "The LGBT Capital of the USA" supports a movement that allows children to determine whether or not they can consent to irreversible surgeries and medications that have grave life consequences but vaping is a big bad issue in the same breathe and children arent old enough to have it. Where is the logic in Government or Media today????? Increasing ages for things of responsibility from Vaping/Smoking/Drinking/Firearms but lower ages for Voting, Driving, Sex, Gender surgeries, and more....The times we live in...

Vaping has been around and in the hands of the public for 20 years sporting the same materials used as hospital inhalers and vaporizers, Vaping was also created by a Doctor in Japan that wanted to stop smoking.

A MASSIVE LIST of all the Studies about vaping:

The Royal College of Physicians (14,000 Doctor backed Peer Reviewed Study on Vaping) found that Vaping is 95% safer than smoking, the 5% is left for any possible side effects in the extreme long term as there have been no side effects to date in the 20 years it has been around. This was a Independant Study that was not funded by Tobacco or Pharma Companies...which almost all that have been have used or posted negative results showing all types of dangers but if you look at those studies you will find the "average use" is far from the variables they've tested to get those results.

There is alot of propaganda being pushed to make vaping look "as bad or worse" than smoking right now and that is only to deter people from a life saving product....much like they do with CBD Oil and Kratom.
Studies showing "Formaldehyde" were performed with Wattage/Voltage way outside of what anyone would use and the type of wicking material used was silica...which stopped being used in the early 2000's. The Popcorn Lung scare was about Diacetyl. Which is found in Cigarettes a 100-1000 times the rate of an entire bottle of Eliquid....if vaping posed a risk for "Popcorn Lung" then you would find that all smokers would have it by now and its never been seen in smokers. There are 2 FDA Approved products in Eliquid other than Flavoring and Optional Nicotine which are Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) and they are also found in many products you ingest from foods to toothpastes/body care products.


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