A vehicle that has teetered above Taranovich Falls in Proctor for nearly 2 years was finally pulled from the icy water basin below. On Christmas Eve, after sitting above the waterfall for many months, the car slid down the falls and into the water. This created a safety concern, and crews from Green Mountain Power and Boondocks Motors banded together to safety remove the wreckage.

PROCTOR — The car is out of the falls.

More than a year since it first mysteriously appeared in Sutherland Falls below the dam, the Chevrolet Prizm was pulled out of Otter Creek on Friday. Green Mountain Power spokeswoman Kristin Kelly said the storms around Christmas helped finally wash the car to where it could be safely removed.

Boondock Motors owner Travis Bovey said he’s not charging the town or the utility, though Kelly said that came as a surprise and that GMP was expecting a bill.

“We basically did it for what we’re going to get out of the car,” Bovey said. “We figured there’d be some halfway decent publicity for us getting it out. There was a lot of news coverage about how nobody could get to it, and it’s a good training for my guys.”

Bovey put the scrap value at “a couple hundred bucks at best.”

The car was spotted partially submerged on the falls in early November 2019. Police said they identified the owner, whom they said was a woman from Leicester. The driver, who was identified as her significant other, told them he left the car behind when it broke down but did not know how it wound up in the water.

Assessments by area fire departments found that the car could not be safely accessed and the town made an appeal early last year to the state to get the car removed. State officials said their policy would be to leave it in place until it could be accessed safely.

By Friday, it was at the bottom of a pool in the creek, just past the falls.

“It was upside down when we got it out,” Patrick Sherwin, Boondocks’ towing manager, said. “It was about 3,000 feet out.”

Sherwin said they brought two wreckers, using the winch from one to pull the car from the water after getting to it with a boat provided by GMP. Despite being one of the more unusual calls of his 11 years with the company, Sherwin said the removal went smoothly.

“There isn’t much left of it,” he said. “It looks like it’s been through a car crusher.”

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Connie Jeanne

My 93 year old mother, who grew up in Proctor, has never heard of "Taranovich Falls." How did this name for Sutherland Falls come into being?

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