A Rutland man with prior drug convictions could be sentenced to 20 years in jail if convicted on charges of selling drugs in May and October in the city.

Felix A. Medina Sr., 48, pleaded not guilty Monday in Rutland criminal court to four felony counts of selling less than 100 doses of a narcotic.

Medina was released without bail.

In an affidavit, a Rutland City Police Department officer assigned to the Vermont Drug Task Force said he believed Medina was selling buprenorphine from a Park Avenue home.

While it’s an opioid itself, buprenorphine is used in Medication-Assisted Treatment, or MAT programs, which help drug users control their addiction.

The officer said Medina has been using the street name “Fil Dog” for at least 10 years.

A confidential informant working with the officer said buprenorphine could be purchased from an apartment on Park Avenue in Rutland. Medina was allegedly one of the people living in the apartment.

A controlled purchase was arranged May 2, during which the confidential informant allegedly bought two buprenorphine pills.

The same officer wrote a second affidavit with details of a second sale of buprenorphine allegedly conducted from the same apartment on May 13, during which Medina allegedly sold the informant two buprenorphine pills.

The same officer wrote a third affidavit detailing a controlled purchase of two buprenorphine pills from the Park Avenue home on Oct. 1.

The affidavit said the informant initiated the sale by asking if Medina had any “rounds” to sell.

The fourth affidavit filed against Medina was written by a different officer assigned to the Vermont Drug Task Force. His affidavit said the task force began its investigation of the Park Avenue apartment in April

A confidential informant working with the second officer was able to buy two buprenorphine pills from Medina on Oct. 15 at the Park Avenue apartment, the fourth affidavit said.

According to a 2010 Rutland Herald story about Medina being arrested for a felony charge of domestic assault, and he has prior convictions for drug dealing in Rutland, including a federal conviction of conspiracy to possess, in order to distribute, cocaine. Officials who investigated that case said Medina had gone to the Bronx in 2004 to buy cocaine from a drug dealer.

In 2005, he was sentenced to four years in jail as well as eight years of supervised release on the federal charge.

Before the cocaine charge, Medina was sentenced to one year in prison on a federal charge of distributing marijuana in Rutland. According to court records in that case, Medina staked out Depot Park as his drug-dealing territory and charged other dealers for the right to sell drugs in the park in the heart of the city’s downtown.

Based on the most recent affidavits from members of the Vermont Drug Task Force, police arrested Medina on Oct. 15 at the Park Avenue apartment. He was processed at the Rutland barracks of the Vermont State Police.

One of the drug task force members said Medina waived his Miranda rights and agreed to talk to police, but none of the four affidavits filed with the Rutland County criminal court include details of the interview.



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