A local premiere of the movie “Axcellerator” is slated for the Paramount Theatre. “Axcellerator” is a sci-fi adventure comedy with the slight twist that some scenes were filmed a block away.

Longtime Rutland residents may have seen other David Giancola movies that were also produced locally with stars both established and upcoming. The screening at the Paramount will be the newest production from Edgewood Studios to get an early showing in Rutland.

The movie’s cast includes Sean Young, “Grease 2” star Maxwell Caulfield and Sam J. Jones, who played the title character in the 1980 cult film, “Flash Gordon.”

On Jan. 25, there will be two screenings at the Paramount Theatre, at 6 and 8:30 p.m. The screenings will benefit the Paramount and Rutland Free Library.

Giancola, director and co-writer of the movie, said he’ll be there with most of the cast and crew. He said “Axcellerator” has the elements of escapism that he’s loved since he was a kid.

“I think we made great piece of escapist entertainment that also has a really good sense of humor about it. It’s kind of got a little bit of everything that I like. There’s a romantic thread through it. There’s a lot of action and adventure. There’s also that kind of 80s, kind of ‘Back to the Future’ bit of humor that goes through it,” he said.

“Axcellerator,” Giancola’s first non-documentary feature in more than 10 years, is about Dane, played by Ryan Wesen, a car thief who “stumbles onto a teleportation device” before meeting Kate, played by Laura James. Kate may be the woman of Dane’s dreams, Giancola said, but their situation is complicated by the conspiracy to obtain and control the device.

“They end up on the run with this device that works some of the time, and they’re not really sure how it works with almost every federal agency possible chasing them,” Giancola said.

Giancola said the movie was a “blast to make.” While he said not every character makes it to the end, many of the actors approached him during filming to explain why their character could appear in a potential sequel even if their final scene would indicate otherwise.

“I’ve never had that happen so consistently. Anybody who gets killed in the movie said to me, ‘Yeah, I don’t really think that I die here.’ We’re not really sure,’’ he said.

While Giancola said he enjoyed working with experienced professionals like Young or John James, from the TV shows “The Colbys” and “Dynasty,” he said he also had high hopes for Wesen and Laura James.

Young actors who got their early start with Edgewood include Jesse Eisenberg, Kate Bosworth, Paul Dano and Chris Evans.

The movie has been screened in Los Angeles but Giancola said there’s something special in showing a movie in Rutland that was shot largely in Rutland because they recognize the local sites. Production also took place in Londonderry at Magic Mountain and Killington for some skiing scenes.

After the Jan. 25 movie screenings, a party is scheduled at Franklin Conference Center in the Howe Center. Everyone who attends the premiere is invited to the party to meet the cast and crew of the film.

Giancola said the stars at the party may include “Big” Lenny Montuori, who has a part in the film and is well-known in Rutland for his hot dog cart and restaurant. At the Los Angeles screening, Montuori got big laughs, according to Giancola

A trailer has been made for the movie, which Giancola said he hoped to be able to release shortly.

Giancola said the details are still being worked out about how the movie will be released and whether it will be through a cable channel, a streaming service like Netflix or a sales and rental site like iTunes.

“Axcellerator” might not be available until the summer, so Giancola said the premiere might be the only opportunity to see the movie before anyone else.

“It’s a great piece of escapist entertainment that you really can bring the whole family to, and you better come because it’s gonna be a blast. You’re going to hear about it after the fact and regret not coming” he said.

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