A Robbins Street man was charged with a felony Wednesday after police said he brandished a shotgun, although the man said the shotgun was unloaded at the time.

Collin J. Parie, 22, of Rutland, pleaded not guilty Wednesday in Rutland criminal court to a felony count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and a misdemeanor count of criminal threatening.

Parie was released without bail but ordered to stay away from two other people involved in the alleged incident.

In an affidavit, Officer Jimmy Plakas, of the Rutland City Police Department, said he was dispatched around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday to Robbins Street.

Plakas said Parie called police at 7:29 a.m and reported that he needed help obtaining his property from the apartment and said there was a man there “who was not supposed to be there.” Dispatchers said a woman’s voice could be heard saying the apartment was hers and the other man had permission to be there.

Parie said he no longer needed the police but said he would call back if necessary.

At 7:32 a.m., a woman called back and said she needed help because Parie had a shotgun. The woman said Parie had put the shotgun away but she wanted police to tell Parie to leave.

Plakas said when he got to Robbins Street, Parie told him that he had an unloaded firearm.

Plakas said after he searched Parie for weapons, Parie told him that he and the woman had been in a relationship for about 2½ years but the relationship ended Tuesday. Parie said police had been called during the course of the relationship and an order of relief from abuse had been issued.

Parie said the woman made him leave her home Tuesday, and he spent the night in the Walmart parking lot.

On Wednesday, Parie returned to the apartment to retrieve some of his personal belongings. At the apartment, he saw a vehicle parked outside that he believed belonged to another man.

According to the affidavit, the woman confirmed the vehicle belonged to a man. Parie allegedly told police he went to his vehicle and got a Remington 12-gauge shotgun.

Parie said he went to the apartment door and hit the door “once or twice.” Plakas said he asked Parie if he used the shotgun to hit the door and Parie said, “I was just trying to open the door.” Parie said he was trying to get the man to come outside.

The affidavit said, “I asked (Parie) what he would have done if the door opened. (Parie) stated, ‘I’m not sure. It was an unloaded gun.’”

Plakas said Parie let him retrieve the shotgun from his car.

In a statement, the other man told police that Parie had threatened to kill him and assault him while he was knocking on the apartment door.

If Parie is convicted of the charges filed against him, he could be sentenced to up to six years in jail.



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