Sara DeLance and Pence

Sara DeLance, senior vice president of retail at Heritage Family Credit Union, in Rutland, was mentioned by Vice President Mike Pence in a speech he gave Tuesday in Washington, D.C. DeLance was able to meet Pence briefly for a photo.

One of Rutland’s own was recognized by Vice President Mike Pence in a speech he gave Tuesday in Washington, D.C.

Pence’s speech was at the Credit Union National Association’s (CUNA) Governmental Affairs Conference, an annual gathering of those in the credit union industry. He complimented several people on their work, among them, Sara DeLance, senior vice president of retail at Heritage Family Credit Union in Rutland.

“The truth is, people that know members of this great association, you make it possible for American families to buy that next car, to send a child to college, to buy that dream home. You make it possible for countless entrepreneurs to start a small business and help drive our economy,” Pence said in his speech, which was aired by C-Span ( “The men and women who run America’s credit unions, each one of you and all those you represent, you really do incredible work every day. There’s really too many stories to tell today, but let me mention a few. Sara DeLance is here from Rutland, Vermont. Sara, are you in the house?”

DeLance was in the house, and while she’d been asked the day before if it would be all right for Pence to mention her name, she said in a phone interview Wednesday she wasn’t expecting him to do so.

“It was a very humbling experience, and a huge honor to be recognized as a leading credit union professional by Vice President Mike Pence,” she said. “It was very surreal.”

DeLance said she was able to briefly meet Pence after his speech and was able to take a photo of herself alongside him.

“Fifteen years ago, I’m told, Sara took her first job as a part-time teller at her local credit union, but today, because of her hard work, skill and determination, Sara is now a senior vice president at Heritage Family Credit Union, and just last year she was recognized for outstanding service when Sara was named one of Vermont Business Magazine’s Rising Stars. Now, let’s hear it for Sara,” said Pence, drawing applause from the crowd.

DeLance said she’s been in Washington, D.C., since Saturday and plans to return to Rutland on Thursday. She said she and others from CUNA have been meeting with lawmakers to talk about the role credit unions play in the nation’s economy. As a member of the CUNA Young Professionals Advisory Committee, she said she’s pleased to see an interest being taken in the development of young professionals.

According to the CUNA website, DeLance is a graduate of Green Mountain College, is the president of the Vermont Credit Union Young Professionals — a group she founded — and is working on obtaining her Masters of Business Administration from Champlain College.


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