FAIR HAVEN — What happens when you take a comic version of “Romeo and Juliet,” set it in the south with a character like Bubba Bedford as Romeo in tights and a tutu, and let it go? Zaniness is what.

Fair Haven Union High School’s “An Evening of Culture: Faith County II, the Saga Continues” opens this weekend, with a cast of eight taking on multiple roles in the classic romance, this time with Appalachian accents and screwy costumes.

It all begins when beleaguered Juliet (senior Quinlee Ashcroft) answers annoying phone calls from home as she prepares to open the show. The ensuing introduction is interrupted by loud banging backstage as Delbert Fink, the set guy, played by junior Jonas Greene, is frantically readying the balcony. Delbert makes appearances throughout in bib blue jeans and a tool belt with an ax on one hip and a large roll of duct tape on the other. The tape itself makes cameo appearances throughout the show. The balcony turns out to be just a sawhorse and the set door never actually opens, despite frantic tugging.

Romeo, played by senior Izell Stiles but referred to as Bubba Bedford, is clad in tights and reluctantly shows up for the balcony scene in a tutu. He later engages in a vigorous sword fight using Star Wars light sabers, while Juliet is laid out on a bed with her pink stuffed bunny. Her mother, played by junior Paige Cusanelli, interrupts her matronly duties by plugging a line of make up, while a fire backstage is heroically doused by Delbert again as the dog barks and barks on cue. The entire company begins each act by reciting the famous lines from the Bard, though they get it sort of wrong and soldier on anyway. And as Juliet is dramatically dying she gets one last phone call from home, wanting to know where the garbage bags are kept. Silly lines abound, like when Romeo complains he’d rather do “Pygmalion” and Juliet’s mother replies, “Who wants to do a play about a pig?” You get the idea.

Eight actors, some new to drama, a tech crew of three, help from Castleton student Matt Eckler as technical director and a set built by art teacher Kristen Partesi and the Art Club of FHUHS complete director Tom Smith’s company. Performances are at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Donations are accepted at the door.

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