This week featured potentially the lightest agenda to go before the Board of Aldermen.

It had two items on it, and one shouldn’t have been there because it was dealt with last week, so the only votes taken were to change the dates of regularly scheduled meetings that conflicted with holidays and to adjourn. There was no discussion of either.

More than half the meeting was taken up by the swearing in of three new firefighters and the promotion of firefighter Seth Bride to lieutenant.

William Notte gave his farewell address. Notte, who resigned from the board last week to take up his new post as one of the city’s representatives in the Legislature, recalled his first meeting as an alderman, at which he was flanked by Roy Thomas and the late Madeline Sherman.

“No one is here for the stipend,” he said. “You’d make more delivering pizza one day a week. No one is here for the off chance of getting their name in the paper every three weeks. Everyone is here because they care about Rutland.”

Notte reiterated his intention to “re-establish” communication between the delegation and the board.

“I’ll be here as much as I need to be,” he said. “I’ll talk with you as much as you think we need to.”

Changing tunes

The same day the Rutland Region Chamber of Commerce announced that the local real estate market was looking up, a press release came in declaring Rutland one of the 10 best places to live in Vermont.

Rutland ranked number seven, just ahead of Waterbury and just behind Vergennes. South Burlington was number one and Burlington was number 10. The only other Rutland County town on the list was Poultney, which came in ninth.

The ratings were compiled by the oddly named “” If that sounds at all familiar, you’re probably thinking of Sometime around 2015, the RoadSnacks people put Rutland at the top of their list of the most dangerous cities in Vermont, a list whose concept I mocked in a prior column.

RoadSnacks has the exact same visual design as HomeSnacks and their “about” section redirects to HomeSnacks’.

I guess we’re coming up in the world. Or at least on obscure websites.


All I see as of this writing is a Public Works Committee meeting, scheduled for Thursday, to discuss the bonds Public Works Commissioner Jeffrey Wennberg has proposed for the March ballot.


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