WESTMINSTER — Lynda Moore was murdered 21 years ago today, and Vermont State Police believe that someone in the region can help them solve the crime. Moore, 36, was stabbed to death at her home, a short distance from the village of Saxtons River. Her husband, Steven Moore, a local contractor, returned home to find his wife had been slain. Moore was the mother of two young children. Vermont State Police Detective Sgt William Jenkins released a statement Friday to draw attention to the anniversary and make a public appeal for help. "Despite the time that has passed, it is likely that someone in the public has information that would lead us to Lynda Moore's killer," Jenkins wrote in the release. "That person may think the information is insignificant, or they may have been afraid to come forward for any number of reasons. We urge anyone with information to come forward and talk to us." Jenkins, who couldn't be reached for comment, said that the Vermont State Police were using new technology to evaluate existing evidence, without being specific. Some investigators have linked Moore's murder to a group of unsolved murders involving women in the Connecticut River Valley 20 years ago, but others have said that Moore's murder — where a woman was attacked in her home — was unlike the other murders, where the women were murdered either hitchhiking or when their car broke down. "Since the day of the crime many different detectives have spent countless hours investigating this crime. Unfortunately the murder has never been solved," Jenkins wrote. "The Vermont State Police still believe that it is possible determine who is responsible for this murder. We continue to follow up on new information and we are reviewing evidence with new technology that was not available back in 1986," he added. Anyone with information is urged to contact Jenkins at the Rockingham barracks of the Vermont State Police at 875-2112.

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