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Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

RNESU to allow more students back

By Jim Sabataso Staff Writer ​ | ​

BRANDON — The Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union is ready to bring more students back into the classroom. Read more

Delayed by COVID, two new child care centers to open in October

By Keith Whitcomb Jr. Staff Writer ​ | ​

Two new early childcare facilities are opening this month after being delayed by the pandemic. Read more


Vet with COVID: Ambulance didn't show

By PATRICK McARDLE Staff Writer ​ | ​

Garry DuFour didn't want an ambulance on July 28. Read more


The Lowe Down: Is live theater reemerging in Vermont?

By Jim Lowe Staff Writer ​ | ​

Last Sunday afternoon, the enthusiasm of the all-ages crowd gathered in front of the Vermont State House was palpable as Lost Nation Theate… Read more

Two staff test positive for COVID at Mountain View Center

By Keith Whitcomb Jr. Staff Writer ​ | ​

Two staff members at Mountain View Center, a nursing facility on Haywood Avenue, have tested positive for COVID-19. Read more

Deadlines cramping relief funds

By KEITH WHITCOMB JR. Staff Writer ​ | ​

The deadlines attached to coronavirus relief funds have led to some projects not happening or being scaled back. Read more

State creates child care hubs to serve 5,000 students

By Eric Blaisdell Staff Writer ​ | ​

MONTPELIER — In about a month’s time the state has created a host of child care hubs to serve more than 5,000 elementary school students du… Read more

Foodbank will continue to work with Abbey Group

By Keith Whitcomb Jr. Staff Writer ​ | ​

The Vermont Foodbank says it will continue to work with the Abbey Group to distribute food boxes in five counties despite the group not hav… Read more

$4 million awarded to extend broadband

Staff report ​ | ​

MONTPELIER — The state announced this week that it awarded nearly $4 million in COVID-19 relief funds to several internet companies to exte… Read more

Dry weather brings mixed blessings

By Gordon Dritschilo Staff Writer ​ | ​

The conditions that contributed to the fire on Deer Leap in Mendon have helped the state’s trail system in other ways, a representative of … Read more

Slate Valley families quarantined

By Jim Sabataso Staff Writer ​ | ​

FAIR HAVEN — A weekend of cross-state excursions has put a number of Rutland County students under quarantine. Read more

Businesses urged to sign up for grant program

By Gordon Dritschilo Staff Writer ​ | ​

Local businesses can get help adapting to the pandemic, but they need to get one particular type of help quickly if they want it. Read more

Mentoring organizations remain connected to Vt. youth

By Jim Sabataso Staff Writer ​ | ​

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to make it difficult for people to physically gather, mentoring organizations around the state are fi… Read more


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