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Vermont Arts

Somehow comfortably familiar: Axel Stohlberg’s ‘Abstract Vermont’

A black polygon grounded in a gray horizon stands out against a white field in each of a set of eight square artworks, “Collage Drawings” b… Read more

Vermont Arts

‘Jorge Martín & Friends’: Middlebury celebrates its composer of operas

Jorge Martín wanted to write music ever since he was a child. Opera Company of Middlebury will celebrate the local Cuban-born composer with “Jorge Martín & Friends,” a concert devoted to songs by Martín, as well as popular opera arias, at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 23, at Town Hall Theater in Middlebury. Read more

‘Playing each set like it’s their last’: Revitalized rock band moe. plays Rutland

Stalwarts of the jam scene for close to three decades, moe. is a true guru of groove. The celebrated progressive rock band continues its triumphant return to the stage, one year after ending an indefinite hiatus while its beloved bassist and frontman Rob Derhak battled cancer. Read more

The portraits of Debo Mouloudji: An artist paints artists who paint

You know? You plant a seed, give it what it needs, and it grows. It flowers and you receive the gift of fruit. That’s what happened in Rutland this past year. During August, six emerging artists came to the art residency at 77 Art. Read more

‘Precarious Magic’: Kate Emlen gets intimate with nature

In 2016, Norwich artist Kate Emlen set out to create as many 6-inch-square paintings of trees as she could in a year. “Forty to One” and “Mast Year” are among more than 30 paintings and monotypes by Emlen in her solo exhibition “Precarious Magic” at the Highland Center for the Arts in Greensboro through April 7. Read more

Tap Dogs: Dancers with the grittiness of steel workers come to Vermont

One day while Dein Perry was on tour, he got a call. “Gregory Hines inspired me to pursue a career in tap dance.” Read more

Blackalicious brings the ‘mothership’ back to Burlington

One of the most celebrated duos in hip-hop, rapper Gift of Gab and DJ/producer Chief Xcel of Blackalicious return to the Burlington area for the first time in four years, kicking off their tour with a Tuesday show at ArtsRiot. We caught up with Gab by phone on Tuesday. Read more

CD Review: “The Town That Music Saved”: The Robinsons invite you to Cabot

Dana and Susan Robinson want to grow Vermont’s population not by incentivizing moves into the state, as Governor Scott would like, but by g… Read more

Sabataso on film: ‘The Lego Movie 2’: The not-as-good-as-the-original sequel

The first “Lego Movie” worked so well because, against all expectations, it managed to assemble a surprisingly clever and funny story out o… Read more

The Lowe Down: Sadly, Waterbury Festival Playhouse bids adieu

For years, that big tent-theater on Route 100 between Waterbury and Waterbury Center has been home to one of Vermont’s most unusual summer … Read more

Central Vermont Arts Preview

Previewing upcoming arts and entertainment events throughout the region. Read more

Rutland Region Arts Preview

Previewing upcoming arts and entertainment events throughout the region. Read more

Vermont Visual Arts

Comprehensive listings of public art exhibits, galleries and museums throughout the region. Read more

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