Virginia R. Gevry BOMOSEEN — Virginia R. Gevry, 94, peacefully passed away Dec. 3, 2019, at home, with family. Virginia "Ginny" was born and raised in the Town of Framingham, MA. Her childhood years were sometimes filled with alone time, but time well spent learning about music and the piano. She worked hard to learn the piano and became quite the player. While she didn’t have much time for hobbies, she always had her piano and loved to play classical and boogie-woogie piano; “Roll out the Barrel” was a family favorite. Ginny was a beautiful young girl and woman growing up in the big city. She was a great dancer, from ballroom to the Charleston, then Rock 'n' Roll and the Twist. She could really cut a rug! In her early 20s, she moved with her young family (much to the dismay of her family in Framingham) to a house in the mountains of Shrewsbury. The house had partial electricity, no heating system (good ole wood stove), no running water and an outhouse. She had a lot to adjust to in Shrewsbury and not much time to do it. Her priorities included running water and indoor plumbing and some form of heat a close second. It seemed like winters were 10 months long, with summer coming July 4th week. She learned to cook and bake on a wood stove, along with hauling the wood in to make meals and keep the house warm. She mastered the wood stove and made great meals using whatever was in the cupboard and included such delicacies as venison, rabbit, squirrel, raccoon, partridge and any kind of fish we could catch. She loved to make big Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter dinners, with all the fixings for the family and whoever might show up. She made the best biscuits and apple pies evvahhhh (ever)! Outside the house, she was always part of the activities whether it be skating parties on Nonie’s Pond, sliding down Bennie’s Hill in winter or packing lots of goodies for a day’s swim at Big Rock or Elfin Lake. She was there participating or refereeing. She missed her Clark family and wished she could see them more often, but Framingham seemed so far away. Mom was especially delighted when Uncle Busta’ showed up unexpectedly. He would say he’d "gone to the store for the paper and got lost.” Her nephew, Lloyd Jr., made sure that her brother, Buddy, visited her from time to time, as well. They would have long conversations about the goings on back home, but she made sure that the family visited our cousins often and we all loved going there every summer. She was the world’s greatest Mom, devoting her life to her children and later, their families. She was always looking for opportunities for us to learn more, experience more. She was Very Protective of her children, whether dealing with other schoolkids, neighbors, teachers or anyone who would dare to criticize or get tough with us. It was easier to fight a grizzly than be on the wrong side of a discussion with her about her kids. She could be tough on her kids, too. We knew that when she didn’t agree with us or was irritated with us, she would stop and pray "Jesus, Mary & Joseph" and we were to follow with "Amen." To ensure that we had the best available opportunities, she got a full-time job 20 miles away in Rutland. She delivered us back and forth to school in all kinds of weather and road conditions, driving whatever car would start on a given day. She always made sure we had whatever was needed for school, work, sports or fun. Finally, the family moved to the big city of Rutland – furnaces vs wood stoves, plenty of water, schools close by for a growing family. She worked at Moore Business Forms for 20 years. It was at this job that she met and later married Louie Gevry, better known as Papa to everyone in the family. He was loved by all and he adored our Mom. They retired and moved to Bomoseen, bought a boat and loved to spend long summer days and evenings cruising on Lake Champlain and Bomoseen. In the winter, they loved to go snowmobiling out through the woods or across the lakes. No matter the season or the weather, they were always busy having fun with friends and family. Over the years, her passions included collecting Wallace Nutting paintings, Blue Delft china and antique furniture. She always kept a close eye on her china cabinet, which was packed full of family heirlooms and beautiful bone china, keeping a layout and description of each piece and where they were in the cabinet. Many times, she and a friend or family member would take off for the day or for several days to somewhere in New England, searching for just the right piece for her house. During the past few years, she stayed close to home, visiting kids, grandkids and great-grandkids for birthdays and holidays and, of course, always worrying about us. She worried about all of us every day until she left this world. She wanted to die at home, in her own surroundings and with her cat, Bonnie. Her grandson, Chris Clogston, so loved, protected and advocated for his Gram that he moved in to care for her in her last months. Her family will always remember her as a beautiful woman, with the greatest smile and the most infectious laugh, the most loving, thoughtful, caring and honest person we will ever know. She was predeceased by her loving husband, Louis Gevry; her Mum and Dad, Gladys E. Grover Clark and Robert E. Clark; brothers Lloyd E. "Busta'" Clark and wife Romilda, Robert E. "Buddy" Clark Jr.; and grandson Shawn Tiraboschi. She leaves her devoted children Dwight Ferrick and wife Randye of Tucson, Kathleen Watts and husband David of Castleton, Richard Stevens of Bomoseen, Pamela Tiraboschi and husband Jamie of Clarendon Springs; sister-in-law Katie. She also leaves nine grandchildren Matthew Rabb and wife Valentina of Tucson, Michael Rabb and wife Kathryn of Bozeman, William Welch and wife Tonya of Sudbury, Chris Clogston and fiancée Kristen of Middletown Springs, Russell Clogston and wife Tina of Daytona Beach, Joshua Clogston of Orwell, Cassidy Tiraboschi and wife Katie of West Rutland, Jason Tiraboschi of Clarendon Springs, D. Christopher Ferrick of Tucson; also 14 great-grandchildren Sarah, Hannah, Kalah, Moriah, Zechariah, Natalie, Hunter, Brady, Brynn, Laci, Misha, Nina, Lily and Liam. The family wishes to express their deep gratitude to her doctor, H. Peter Diercksen, nurses, PTs, staff at Mountain View Genesis, the staff of RAVNAH, the staff at BAYADA and to Chris Book and his compassionate staff at Aldous Funeral Home. Your devoted caring and kindness you provided to our Mom will not be forgotten. And to her dear neighbors and friends the Wareings, the Halls, Maureen, Nancy, Julie and Sammy. A graveside service is planned for the spring with grandson Pastor Bill Welch officiating. In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to the Abundant Life Community Church, P.O. Box 122, Orwell, VT 05760.

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Lloyd 88

Very sweet coworker. I remember her as always wearing a sweater over her shoulders. Fond memories at Moore Business Forms.

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