I would like to address the editorial presented the other day by Vermont GOP Party chairperson Deb Billado. With all due respect, Ms. Billado, are you nuts? What color is the sky in your world?

Most of the points you raised as Trump successes are manure.

For instance, unemployment was dropping the seven years previous to Trump’s inauguration. Many people are working two jobs to make ends meet, because wages have not gone up as you claim. And most available jobs are less than full-time to avoid paying benefits. And many have just fallen out of the system.

The Trump tax cut (was) for the top wealthiest people and corporations, while lower tax brackets went up. The tax savings by the corporations and the wealthy went to stock buy-backs, artificially raising stock values. And there is the cause for your rise in the stock market. This gave CEOs big paydays with their stock options.

Your claim of ISIS eliminated was poor timing. Recently, the report came back that ISIS is again on the rise.

His handling of the Iran Nuclear Agreement was shameful. You don’t pull out of an agreement and expect the other side to stay with it.

Comparing Trump to Calvin Coolidge was cute. While Silent Cal may have been a Vermonter, he was still a lousy president, leading to the stock market crash and following Depression. Quoting Cal on persistence over talent or education is the talk of a fool. History is full of persistent monsters.

Even if your claims were true, there is still no excuse for President Trump’s divisive language. His racist dog whistles are the volume of vuvuzelas. He has given sanction to white supremacists, bigots, racists, xenophobes and homophobes at home. He praises dictators around the world. He denigrates our allies. He is easily distracted by phony praise. He speaks in second-grade schoolyard taunts. He puts the id in idiot.

His policies, what little there is, are riddled with inhumanity and cruelty. He is incapable of speaking truth or even recognizing it.

Make America Great Again? We’ve had our moments of glory, but we have also had our times of tragic governance. We cannot ignore our past involvement with slavery, misogyny and genocide. We must face our scars if we want to improve our future.

Hubris is not a good formula for a president, a government nor a people.

And just to be clear, regardless of the state of the nation, there is no way racism and divisiveness is constructive or excusable. Trump is a shame to each and every American, to the planet and humanity.

George Simpson lives in Pittsfield.

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