Shame on us. For every single day, we citizens, our students, their teachers and their families wonder whether someone stalking the school halls could force their days to end in tragedy. And yet we still sit on our hands.

Shame on us, as we click our tongues and shake our heads while doing nothing to stop the abusive so-called “freedom” of gun fanatics to trump the rights of the rest of us to live without fear of a bloody death.

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Just sayin'

And the second amendment nut jobs with their "cold dead hands" mentality will weigh in with their fatuous rhetoric in 3, 2, 1.....


I wonder if Bronwyn Fryer understands that criminals, or those that would do harm to others, don't care about policies, rules, bans, or laws. Chicago, Baltimore, NYC all have very strict gun laws; so why do they have such problems with gun violence?

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