Democratic societies need accurate information on which to base their decisions. Deniers of human-caused global warming dispense incomplete and misleading information, recycle myths and attack the credibility of climatologists to obstruct progress on averting climate catastrophe. Dan Monger’s commentary of May 18, “Changing the climate change narrative,” is such a case.

The so-called “Climategate” controversy was constructed by global warming deniers. The six investigations carried out in the United Kingdom and United States found no evidence of wrongdoing by the scientists, and found that their work had been carried out fairly and properly.

The emails and documents pilfered from the scientists and their agencies were sliced and diced and then presented out of context to stir doubt and controversy during a period when international agreements on mitigating global warming were in the works.

Regarding the “Hockey stick graph,” some minor errors were found with the methodology, but the basic results were valid and have been reaffirmed by later studies using different methods. The major problem is that the globe is heating up, and it is doing it rather quickly. Also, unlike warming of past centuries, modern warming has been globally synchronous, with temperatures increasing over most regions.

Numerous studies have asked different groups of people about the causes of global warming. The quality of the investigations varies, but those focused on working climatologists generally find a high degree of agreement that the global warming we’re experiencing cannot be explained by natural forces alone (sun, volcanoes, other natural causes).

Arguing whether 95% or 99% of climatologists agree on the matter is a diversion tactic at this stage of the science and unfolding ecosystem crises. Science doesn’t run on a show of hands.

It operates on ideas that can be validated by direct evidence. The consensus of multiple, independent lines of evidence is that global warming is happening and we’re the cause.

Gian Paulette is a Rutland resident.

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