After reading the piece by Alan Betts in the weekend edition of the Herald, I am upset and shocked that a piece of that tone would be sent for print and then approved by the editors later on.

First off, in his mention of WWII, the U S and its Allies won that war because the U S had the capitalist-driven economy and industrial capability to produce the necessary materials, the petroleum products needed to power the war-fighting machinery, and the ingenuity embedded in the American resolve to win the war which was being prosecuted on two fronts. I would remind Mr. Betts that this country did not start that war, it was Germany and the supporters in the European cluster of nations, such as Italy. And this country saved Great Britain from all out-ruin and oblivion. Mr. Betts should know that, he having immigrated from GB. The suffering, the sacrifices and just plain misery were unbelievable by the fighting men and supporting elements in the industrial world to keep the wheels turning on the front lines for more than four years in the European Theater.

Now, we are confronted with the “Chinese virus,” which has generated more questions than answers as it pertains to the Chinese. Our economy, in Vermont and nationally, is in big trouble; more so in Vermont because of our much less than desirable positions in terms of indebtedness and lack of industry to build up the tax base. People are hurting big time, in Vermont and around New England, as well as other Northeast states, with concerns about staying healthy first and foremost, and then to survive financially with the economy on life support akin to a climate of Depression era, and Betts is recommending a carbon tax be imposed! This would be the final nail for many, many folks through no fault of their own. A carbon tax would be indicative of the most insensitive, unaffordable, absurd policies at a time like we are in, of anything I can think of.

Now is the time for people of entrepreneurial leaders to come forward and get this state moving, people in the mold of Dick Snelling, Jim Douglas, Tom Evslin, Tom Pelham and others.

As we re-enter a more normal setting, there will be some mighty challenging times ahead that probably will be hovering overhead for a long time. It behooves us to make use of the best and most capable minds in our midst, to be oriented to policies and actions that will contribute to saving the state of Vermont, not adding to the potential for trouble as has been done in years of late.

James B. Hall lives in Center Rutland.

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