Discerning the truth about the technocratic totalitarian agenda to control not only western culture but the world is very difficult for people who are socially engineered, conditioned and mentally programmed to think compartmentally, not holistically.

The manipulative influence of the global totalitarian agenda is pervasive throughout the entire political spectrum, and the illusion of political choice is the veil that hides the truth. Most people make the common mistake of attributing the social and political attributes of totalitarianism to either one extreme political party or the other, e.g., liberal Marxist Democrats or conservative fascist Republicans, when, in reality, both political extremes are cleverly controlled by a monopolized global totalitarian media agenda.

The goal of the generic totalitarian social engineering program is simply to polarize people into exclusive tribal political camps in order to not only divide and control them but effectively divert attention away from the occult source that proliferates the global totalitarian system. The intended consequence of which creates violent animosity between political tribal camps severely preoccupied with opposing each other rather than their common enemy, which renders them impotent and ineffectual in confronting the primary source. Because of cunning subliminal obfuscation, compartmentalizing and ubiquitous media mind control, it is profoundly difficult to convince people they’re being deceived about the true identity of the procreators, which is essential for there to be any real substantial proactive remedy counteracting the grim global tentacles of totalitarianism.

The conflict in confronting the oligarchs of totalitarianism is compounded by a clever ruse that confounds the capacity of people to collectively counteract its influence throughout the world.

However, a major turning point in the struggle to preserve our individual autonomy and liberty will occur when people finally stop fighting each other and confront their true common adversary. Exploiting relentless fear; gaslighting; intimidation; disinformation; mental and emotional mania; social polarity; severe peer pressure to conform, comply and compromise; condemnation; censorship and obsessive preoccupation with a contrived mortal threat are attributes of subversive totalitarian social engineering geared to corral and control entire populations. In the midst of this tribulation, it becomes imperative for people to focus on nurturing their individual self-autonomy, creative cognition and capacity to contemplate the macrocosm, not merely the microcosm.

Understanding the maxim “Know Thyself” can liberate people from bovine subservience to totalitarianism that falsely teaches collective compliance to national authority is the absolute measure of self-worth.

Jon Horne lives in Poultney.

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