It would seem once again Americans will sit quietly on the sidelines while their government unleashes another illegal war on the world. There can be no justification for this. Our leaders will say it’s needed to protect America’s interests and to protect our allies in the region. The interests we know are “oil” but what allies? Iran isn’t anymore capable of attacking the United States than Iraq was! Neither country was, or is, a threat to the freedom of American citizens.

President Trump said he wanted to get out of the Middle East quagmire. He was demonized by both the Republicans and Democrats in Washington when he pulled American troops from Syria. But now with impeachment hanging like a sword above his head, he has resorted to “Wagging the Dog.” A war is a great distraction. America’s war-hungry media will feast on it. Nothing positive can come about in engaging in a war with Iran, a war the American government has been seeking since 1979.

In Iraq, Dick Cheney said Americans would be greeted as liberators, knowing full well they would not be. The Iraq War was not about liberation, it was not about freedom, it was about profits, just as this war will be and the war after that. When Americans start dying in Iran or in attacks by Iranian forces elsewhere in the Middle East, they will not be dying for our freedom, they will be dying once again for corporate profits.

If we, the American people, stand by and do not raise our voices in protest, than we, as a people, will be responsible not only for the needless slaughter of American lives but also for the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. It’s time to tell our leaders we will no longer be accomplices to their illegal wars.

Charles Laramie lives in Fair Haven.

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