Numerous Poultney households have recently been sent a certified letter from a party identified on the envelope only by a nine-digit zip code that corresponds to the address of record for Poultney Properties, whose principal, Leonard Knappmiller, seeks to install a Dollar General on his property on Beaman Street. Apparently, all the certified letters contain the same thing: a notice not to set foot on the property under pain of possible fine and/or imprisonment.

The volley of certified letters has generated discussion and mystification in Poultney. The recipients of which we’re aware — some of them have signed below — seem not to have a lot in common. Some have opposed the DG plan vocally, but other opponents were not on Mr. Knappmiller’s list. Some recipients have had little or no involvement in the issue.

Beyond the scattershot approach, we also wonder about the motive. Every person addressed is prohibited from being on the property, which would prohibit patronizing any business - DG included - located thereon. Is this how Mr. Knappmiller builds good will among people whom he addressed as neighbors a year ago, when seeking support for a zoning change that would have benefited his project?

The ill will embodied by his no-trespass notices seems to serve no purpose other than to alienate Poultney citizens further.

Marcia Angermann, Kathryn Arnold, Adam T. Berg, Josh Burlingame, Kyle Callahan, Chuck Colvin, Katie Colvin, Janice Edwards, Kevin Fernald, C.B. Hall, Mona Hall, Charles Helfer, Gail Helfer, Gertrude Horridge, Kathy Hutson, Ida Mae Johnson, James Johnson, Tom Johnson, Linda Knowlton, Dan Kowalski, Samantha Kowalski, Sandra Kyle, Jamison Lerner, Mariah Lovejoy, Dan Mackey, Deb Mackey, Patricia McWilliams, David Mook, Kerri Munro, Khanti Munro, Kerry O’Neil, Candice Passehl, Linda Pepler, Melanie D. Lincoln Potter, Greg Povey, Rachel Pusateri, Ruth Reich, Robert Rico, Julia Riell, Art Sabin, Lynn Sanborn, Anne Slonaker, Brad Slonaker, Ina Smith, Christopher Stephenson, Katherine Stephenson, Suzanne Striglia, Jonathan Taylor, Pete Woelfel, Benjamin Worthing, Rebecca Worthing


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