President Trump has asserted the issue for resolution of the problem of escalating mass murders involves the issue of mental health, crazy people, and he is not wrong, those issues need to be addressed. However, if that is all he is prepared to do, that approach will not resolve the issue. As such, that limited stance is ineffectual and a bit crazy, in and of itself, for what it leaves out. In my opinion, and the opinion of an ever-increasing number of the American people, the smartest response is to ban the ownership and use of weapons of war/assault weapons manufactured for the military to conduct war, not allowing sale to, or possession by, people who are not in the military.

When people shout to you, “Do something!” it is making those weapons of war no longer accessible to anyone interested in mass murder. In the context of frequent mass murder, any worry about the Second Amendment is not justified or fair as an excuse for no action. Imagine how you would feel if your grandchild or child was a victim?

Consider: If someone had taken his bat away from Babe Ruth, how many home runs would he have made? How many mass murders will not occur if the weapons of war/assault weapons are taken away?

See my point?

Query: Have you or your staff compared the number of mass shootings and the number murdered which occurred during the time of the last ban, with the number of deaths and mass shootings which have occurred “on your watch?”

Mr. President, Sen. McConnell and U.S. Republican senators who have not yet supported the ban on weapons of war/assault weapons, please do something to keep assault weapons out of the hands of the wrong people. In my opinion, that includes a ban on the weapons of war for civilian use.

E. Patrick Burke lives in Proctor.

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When a Republican president, Ron Reagan, was shot the congress had no problem passing the "Brady Bill" which banned "assault style" weapons and high capacity magazines. So, when it happens to one of their own, they have no problem with limiting the 2nd amendment. But when it's happening to blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and other innocents that is another story. This is not a co-incidence folks and all you Trump lovers ought to consider what that actually means.

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