To the sane individuals in this nation, there are two things Trump wants, and the reasons why.

He wants impeachment proceedings now while his stooges are in power to free him and protect him from his sins against our Constitution and assist him on his quest for dictatorship.

Next, almost every sitting president during a war is re-elected, as the nation is filled with the false patriotism we embrace when our butts are on the line. Not all do, just those without draft deferments and sons and daughters, mothers and fathers in uniform and in harm’s way.

Coupled with the re-election is the economical surge enhanced by the destruction of equipment in combat — good for business, not so for the combatants. As the man once said, they knew what they were getting into when they enlisted.

The lessons learned in the Iraq fiasco seem to have been forgotten. When will our true patriots stop dying to please political agendas? Make no bones about it, Trump wants both. From day one he has been agitating and destroying all, or any, goodwill that existed between the United States and Iran. It took a lot of goading, but he did it.

Teddy Roosevelt had the right idea: Speak softly but carry a big stick. To be locked and loaded and your mouth shut accomplishes more than ranting, obfuscating and threatening a potential enemy, otherwise known as asking for it.

At what point too much for any nation? He is destroying our national institutions designed to protect the citizens of this nation. Destroy the credibility of the FBI, judges and the whole legal system, then seize control as you strive to protect the people from the evils of our government and Constitution not being interpreted as Trump and cult see it.

The real enemy to our nation is within, not Iran.

Walter Duda lives in Poultney.

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