Politicians display willful denial and ignorance of the following: The federal government has ignored the Constitution in the following manner —

Our right to pursue happiness and obtain happiness is “among” inalienable rights, other inalienable rights obviated by the right to safety are: all people’s right to a home, to truly healthy food, to be cared for when ill, to have economic support for a self-directed life purpose. Politicians place themselves in the position to “save” us from the effects of a truly violent money system, violent because it manifests the wishes of the most ruthless, who become the most powerful by and through their inhumanity. The most ruthless are also the most stupid, which is hard to fathom since they are wickedly intelligent but without empathy, empathy being what makes us humane. Unlike politicians, I will not pretend to save you. Instead, as described by Article 7 which speaks to our right to transform government, I will invite you, you being anyone in Vermont who cares about the future, to participate in transforming our methods of money and self governance. This why I am not a politician, and I will not behave like your savior. Our right to be free of search and seizure, important because its alternative is total surveillance. Through data collection and subsequent manipulation, any person can be, and has been, framed by the ruthless protecting their ruthlessness. Government has given itself permission to seize any person at any time under any pretext and hold them without charge for their entire life if need be, without access to legal defense and without access to a jury and without a right to face their accusers, and indeed, without any accusation. Because politicians do not deal with this, I am not one.

Our right to pursue happiness and obtain safety to which our Vermont politicians pledge an oath to secure and yet appear to be deliberately ignorant, unwilling, unable and too fearful to oppose the dangers of total surveillance, furthered by newly arrived 5G cell towers under cover of COVID-19. 5G being the technology that thousands of scientists, doctors and Vermonters warn us not to deploy. In fact, not conspiracy, wherever 5G is active, COVID-19 deaths are disproportionately higher, Burlington included. Again, because I am not a politician, I will employ your help to restore and protect our right to safety and freedom from surveillance, seriously.

We will be safer when the money system is just. This means that those who do just things, who act for the good of all, who engage in moral activities, creative, menial and/or supportive of the community, will be issued the money to carry out all kinds of virtuous activities. A just money supply means those who are not virtuous will not be issued money to carry out their destruction. Politicians continue the pretentious lie that one can lead a state to well-being without transforming an unjust money system that creates injustice. Because politicians do not face this, I am not one.

Emily Peyton is a candidate for Vermont Governor and lives in Putney.

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