The Democrat Party has become a cult. Anytime an individual writes in with an opposing viewpoint of the mainstream left, or the far left as Vermont is becoming, there are three days of shouting down their opposing viewpoints and then dragging their character through the mud.

These people feign outrage and immediately go to the moral high-ground argument, because, if they were to base their argument on facts and statistics instead of feelings, they would have to actually debate the merits. Instead, they will turn to any CNN or MSNBC talking point they were fed from that week in news and take a victory lap.

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lol is this a joke? For starters, no one on the right, the GQP, the party of Trump can call the left a cult. Project much? Complaining about MSNBC like Fox News isn't hooked into your arm. Second of all, inflation has stopped and the economy grew 3.2 percent last quarter. Everything that you said about a recession was not only a lie, but debunked with three clicks. This is why no one wants to "debate" you. Just like Greg Thayer, most people on the right are incapable of debate because their opinion is whatever Trump or Hannity tells them. It was be funnier if it wasn't so pathetic. Why the Herald gives space to this drivel is beyond me. You wrote a letter last year talking about how Rutland is unsafe and your family is looking to leave, but you're still here. Why? Because lying and complaining is easier than doing anything, just like the people that you worship.


I totally agree with Benjamin. Democrats are the cause of everything that’s wrong with not only Rutland, but the entire US. I can’t wait to MAGA…


Don't hold your breath. How'd that last red wave work out for you? Make sure to keep not getting vaccinated, stay angry and glued to the couch watching Fox News.


Thanks for a useful illustration of selection bias and other logical fallacies - and of course: projection.

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