Anyone who follows gun politics is certainly aware of what is happening now in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Democrat Party, led by Gov. Ralph Northam, is proposing a raft of draconian and blatantly unconstitutional gun control legislation, including but not limited to expanding the definition of “assault weapon” — and making same a felony to possess.

The reaction of the Commonwealth’s people is astounding on one level and completely unsurprising on another. Over 90 counties and municipalities in that state have declared themselves to be “Second Amendment Sanctuaries,” vowing not to enforce or permit enforcement of these measures that directly violate the state and federal constitutions.

Gov. Northam has responded by threatening to call out the National Guard, threatening violence against the people of his state.

One cannot help but wonder if the governor has forgotten who the National Guard is: the people of the commonwealth. Virginia’s Tazewell County has, in fact, formed a citizen militia, and the sheriff of Culpeper County has declared he will deputize thousands of citizens, exempting them from these laws should they pass.

In case you are wondering why this is relevant to us here in Vermont, it’s because we’re next.

Professor Philip Baruth, of the University of Vermont, a disconnected academic who somehow was elected as the Vermont Senate Majority Leader, is at it again.

Baruth is threatening law-abiding residents of Vermont with a similar raft of unjust, unnecessary and arguably unconstitutional legislation restricting the right to keep and bear arms set forth clearly in Article 16 of this state’s Constitution — despite the fact Vermont is consistently rated the safest state in the country.

There is no problem here to fix, but that does not stop Baruth from using his legislative position to threaten and bully gun owners and infringe our rights — yet again.

Perhaps Professor Baruth should look to Virginia, with its succinct state motto, to know what he is buying into. Perhaps then he will realize that when we say #WeWillNotComply — we mean it.

Eddie Garcia lives in St. Johnsbury and belongs to Vermont Citizens Defense League.

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