On social media, my opponent disappointingly has made disparaging comments about me and what I “should have done,” or what I “didn’t do to help save” Thomas Dairy from closing. I want to point out that I was never contacted by anyone in regard to this situation. From my understanding, neither were our municipal officials or the planning commission contacted for help before the closure of this important business. The honorable Thomas family made the decision to keep their choices close to the vest and not involve others (which is their right to do).

I, like you, didn’t ask for this virus to disrupt our lives and economy. I didn’t make the decision to close our schools four months early which, in turn, had a negative impact on milk sales. I don’t control the national pricing strategy of milk which is highly volatile, nor who chooses to drink it. But somehow, because it’s an election year, the unfortunate closure of this beloved farm is partially my fault, according to my opponent.

What have I done since the pandemic hit? I have voted for all COVID-19 funding bills which have helped our hospitals, schools and small businesses. I’ve helped dozens of Rutland Town residents get their unemployment checks from the State of Vermont. I’ve assisted others with job placement opportunities. And most recently, I worked with a landowner to help bring Harbor Freight to town when the project was about to fall through a month ago.

I want to focus on the issues and the job at hand. As I continue to campaign and talk to many of you, I plan to talk about my plans for the next two years and not focus on my opponent.

My heart goes out to my friend, Dick Thomas, and his entire family and staff.

Thomas Terenzini is Rutland Town state representative.

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