I am writing to thank the Brandon, Leicester, Salisbury, Goshen and Pittsford mosquito district for their work and dedication toward treating our huge mosquito problem starting back in 1978. I moved to Brandon in 1988 and the district was very small and did not have the funds to spray and treat mosquitoes as much as was needed.

Over the past 31 years, the district has researched and treated more and more areas, to the point that many who live here now do not know how bad it once was. We could not go outside without being eaten alive. Former governor Madeline Kunin was filmed as she was slapping mosquitoes when visiting here and she realized we needed resources to treat them.

I am grateful that you have been able to treat by land and by air to make our area habitable for humans and animals who want to be outside without dousing bug repellent directly on their skin. My horses and I remember the early years and the discomfort they experienced, even though I bought gallons of mosquito spray and applied it.

I appreciate that you all have worked hard to research and find the safest chemicals possible, have worked extensively with the state of Vermont and other mosquito districts to find the best treatments and to apply them at the optimum times, even though it takes away from your family time. I understand that your jobs are harder when swampland is preserved, when you are entangled in legal battles with a few, when your budget is short while defending our mosquito district, and when you face criticism because mosquitoes will likely take over this year as a result of the wet spring and reduced resources. I’m grateful that the court battle ended with a simple request to publicize the process for opting out, so the rest of us can continue to support and receive benefits provided by the mosquito district.

I appreciate that you have stayed on course to protect us from mosquito illnesses that can be deadly despite the fact that your job is getting harder. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to making our area a more habitable and safe place. My horses and I thank you.

Sharon Stearns is a Brandon resident.

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