I have read many articles and listened to many reports lately in regard to abortion. I now feel compelled to respond. Those who are pro-life believe that abortion should be outlawed. Their reason or belief is that abortion is the murder of an unborn child.

A person seeking an abortion does so for certain reasons: They are too young, they did not want to get pregnant, they were raped, they do not have the ability to support a child either emotionally or financially. For whatever reason, the person does not want a child at the time. Given that, what is it those who oppose abortion would have that person do?

Do they want that person to have the child and give it up for adoption, or do the right thing in their mind and become a parent and raise that child? Those who oppose abortion must be aware that many people have children and do not raise them. Today, many children are raised by grandparents, the actual parent or parents being unable or unwilling to do so.

I think we can agree that many people who don’t abort the birth of a child but choose to have them, do not do the job that society expects of a parent. We see the results of this in our schools, hospitals, prisons and on our streets each and every day.

Those who oppose abortion must have some answers for those who would seek an abortion. Simply telling them they can’t have an abortion and that they must have the child is not an answer, and as the above paragraph notes, it certainly does not benefit the unwanted child.

Many who oppose abortion are men. However, during discussions in regards to abortion, men rarely come up, and yet, men have a responsibility in each and every case. It was a man who got the woman pregnant. Many men out there might not like this line of discussion, but there is no way not to have it.

On average, a woman is able to conceive roughly 24 days a year, meaning she has an egg that is fertile around twice a month. A man is fertile 365 days a year. It seems likely if a man wore a condom every time he had sex, abortions would plummet. How come we are not hearing about this simple solution? Birth control can be expensive and difficult for a woman, with many side effects, but a man simply has to slip on a condom and they have only a 1 percent chance of impregnating their partner; problem solved.

Perhaps those who are pro-life could create an organization that includes the name of every person in the United States who opposes abortion. This organization would then be able to advertise their willingness to adopt each and every child that was to be aborted.

This organization would contact the woman seeking an abortion with the name of a member and their phone number and the member would adopt that child, no questions asked. They would be saving the life of the unborn child and raising it to be a contributing member of society. Congress could pass a law making this all perfectly legal.

If this does not seem like an effective solution, then perhaps Congress could create homes for these children with caregivers already in place and paid for by tax dollars. These children, rather than be aborted, would now be raised by the state until age 18, at which time they would be obligated to six years of military service in a branch of the military of their own choosing.

This would create thousands of jobs for caregivers, construction workers for the building of these homes and the upkeep that would surely be needed and ensure a continuous flow of bodies for the military war machines’ unending wars in foreign countries. If you think about it, this is really not unlike the system already in place in the United States.

In America, we no longer have the draft; very few people sign up for military service, so unlike in Vietnam where men were sent off to serve one-year tours, we now have fewer men and women who are sent off on multiple tours with a little R/R in between. Having state-raised children solves this problem for the foreseeable future.

It’s easy to be pro-life but solving the problem associated with unwanted births is not easy. Many children are born but are not wanted or are simply a burden and grow up in homes full of chaos and confusion, and their lives and their fate were written before they left the birth canal, and their deaths are often recorded in some ghastly story before they reach the age of 1, or 2, or 3, or 4, or 14 or 24.

Many who are pro-life often ask who speaks for the child. Perhaps those children, had they been given the chance, would have said, please do not bring me into this fate.

Chuck Laramie is a Fair Haven resident.

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