As the Sept. 11 edition of the Rutland Herald states, Arthur David Wolk was born in Rutland 100 years ago. At that time, his parents had a store on Center Street, Wolk’s Tots and Teens.

Arthur attended Rutland City schools, then UVM, then UVM Medical School. He served in the U.S. Army as a physician, part of that time on the island of Guam in the South Pacific caring for wounded GIs. He returned to the U.S., became a pediatrician, married Florrie and started a practice in New York City where Florrie was a native.

Fortunately, they decided to return to Rutland. Arthur opened his practice, their family expanded from Tom to include David and then Brad. I met Art at his Court Street office. He was expanding the practice and added Roger Baker. This meant they needed additional space, so moved to Allen Street.

In 1970, I was a staff nurse at Rutland Regional Medical Center and they asked if I would join the staff at Pediatric Associates. I did and, in so doing, was further exposed to the true compassion, caring and love Arthur had for the “tots and teens” of Rutland. And not just for them but for anguished, heartbroken parents when he did not have the good news we all expect during a child’s illness.

Arthur and Florrie’s three sons were educated in the city school system. Tom and Brad chose the profession of medicine: Tom, a pediatrician in Pennsylvania, and Brad, an OB-GYN in Florida. That leaves David, Dave, “Scoopy.”

I met Dave when he was 16 years old. His summer job was with the Rutland Recreation Department at Rotary Field. He taught my sons T-ball and the rudiments of baseball. David chose the profession of education: from guidance counselor at Mount St. Joseph, to principal at Barstow Elementary, to superintendent of Rutland City schools, the state Senate, president of Castleton (expanding the college to a university), now in his retirement filling in as interim superintendent of our city schools — always for the benefit of “tots and teens.”

Three generations of Wolks are a true legacy. Let’s change our name from Rutland to Wolktown.

Janet B. Wood lives in Rutland.

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