I am writing for millions of Americans who are sick and outraged but completely unsurprised about the terrible decision of Trump and his hand-picked monsters to provoke a potential world war. Anyone who is following political news knows Trump campaigned on pulling troops out of the Mideast and in fact, ending Mideast wars. Clearly, this was just another Trump lie.

And yet, when Trump was recently impeached, when some of his white evangelical base is finally waking up and seeing through his fake piety, and when it looks like he might be in real electoral trouble, he decides to commit a dangerous act of bold stupidity. The true cruelty of this act is overwhelming: the United States has already been responsible for the deaths of up to a million citizens in Iraq in a stupid, reckless war, as well as massive destruction of infrastructure. This new provocation is on Iraqi soil. It appears Trump and his heartless and soulless cult think it is fine to subject the Iraqi population to another round of devastating destruction.

How much will the 60% of Americans who do not support Trump’s gift to the military industry, accept? This is a regime that has just slashed food assistance to millions of low-income families, impedes fairness in trying to help those whose college loans have forced them into poverty, and is systematically and intentionally destroying our environment. This huge expenditure of tax dollars to Trump’s donors and friends, and the huge environmental cost of war seem to be just what Trump has in mind.

Trump has spent his entire public life trying to sound like a tough guy. He is really brave when it comes to putting others’ lives on the line, to provoking his less intelligent (“I love the poorly educated”) followers to commit acts of racist and sexist violence and to spending our tax dollars for violent and cruel ends.

The protests began on Saturday, Jan. 4, and we will need to step it up. I beg everyone who reads these words and agrees that we do not want another destructive war fought in our names and with our tax dollars, will use every tool you have (art, music, words, money, your body ) to protest this catastrophe.

Nancy Braus lives in Putney.

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Nancy, With all due respect, the ignorance of the facts just tells us that you spend too much time getting your false information from CNN anf MSNBC. Nearly everything in your editorial is 100 % false. It really is sad to realize that there are people like you out there that refuse to accept the truth and instead choose to just be brainwashed by the Trump hating liberal media. It's so sad.

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