I am severely and deeply ashamed at the tweets coming from the hand of Donald Trump. Greta Thunberg has focused the world’s attention on climate change, while Donald Trump has denied it, calling it a Chinese hoax.

With Australia burning, and Sydney’s air unbreathable; with New Zealand having too many volcanic explosions; with the polar ice caps melting; with sea water rising; with barrier reefs, birds and other species disappearing; and scientists warning we have less than 11 years to turn around this disastrous climate change situation, Donald Trump continues to ignore the effects of climate change and does nothing to alleviate it.

Yet, a 16-year old teenager from Sweden, Greta Thunberg, dares to tell the world how the approaching calamity will affect us. She tells us how our planet will be in 10, 20 or 50 years, if it is at all habitable.

And what does our self-inflated, puerile president do? He tweets that Greta should take “anger management” classes, and that she should “… chill, Greta, chill.” How debasing can one get: to insult a child who is telling us how sick our climate is, while disregarding all the warnings?

And, then, to be even more insulting to Greta, he tweets his face on her photo, from the cover of TIME magazine, where she was honored as “Person of the Year” and says he should be “Man of the Year.” Man of the Year? Donald Trump? The person — I hesitate, in all good faith, to call him president — who created orphans; the person who broke families apart; the person who took food stamps away from hungry families; the person who made the United States presidency the laughing stock of the world; the person who lies constantly?

Greta, I don’t know whether you read this newspaper but, if you do, please accept, from the bottom of my heart, my apologies for the rantings of Donald Trump — my sincerest apologies.

Larry Booker lives in Pittsford.

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Greta is a hypocrite. She gains 'fame' sailing to NY and the world ignores the six plane tickets she generated getting the boat home with a crew flown from Sweden. With that sort of attention to the 'problem' it won't even take 11 years.


Isn't it amazing that liberals are excited about embracing the rantings of a teen age girl and them bashing the President of the United States. What is wrong with these people ?

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