I am writing this letter to ask for your support of my husband, Michel “Champlain” Messier, for Rutland City mayor/treasurer.

Mike and I have lived much of our lives in the city of Rutland. We have owned property, paid taxes and have been interconnected to Rutland City’s aging infrastructure for more than 30 years. We understand the challenges our city faces. Our family and neighbors were challenged by the potential loss of Combination Pond and its severe implications for ourselves and the city, including loss of home equity, recreational uses and its aesthetics. Through community unity, we saved Combination Pond. Together, we can save the city of Rutland.

Mike attended Lincoln Elementary, graduated from Mount St. Joseph Academy, the University of Vermont, where we met, with an accounting degree, and Saint Michael’s College with a master’s degree, concentration in finance. We have been happily married for over 31 years. He has supported me in my role as a registered nurse over the years and understands the importance of clean water, community health and safety. Mike is one of the strongest, most supportive and intelligent people I know. He is a wonderful husband and father to our two children, Matthew and Morgan. I trust what he says and the things that he stands for.

Mike’s work in real estate, accounting and finance was mainly in Rutland, but has also taken us to other places in the United States for six years. As a result, Mike has diverse experience in other communities and corporations. In some of the companies he has worked for he has functioned as a senior financial executive with more than $250 million in revenue. This is more than 10 times the size of Rutland’s annual budget. Mike has always given back to his communities through his volunteer work: for example, as treasurer to the Kiwanis Club and historical societies and coached ice hockey and baseball.

I believe that Mike has a positive vision for our community. Rutland needs a fresh perspective and new ideas. Please take the time to see his interviews on PEG-TV. Thank you for your consideration of my husband, Michel “Champlain” Messier, for Rutland City mayor and treasurer.

Melissa A. Messier, RN, BSN RN-BC


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As the Rutland Herald has stated in an article, editor and letters to the editor the City of Rutland through GROSS MISMANAGEMENT has neglect to maintain its sidewalks and sewer system for DECADES! It never occured to anyone much less the mayor, members of the Board of Aldermen, the Department of Public Works Director ... to post yellow tape, barricades, etc. where I got pinned between my medical scooter and a tree. [See https://www.wcax.com/content/news/Disabled-Rutland-man-threatens-lawsuit-over-deteriorating-city-sidewalks-489373001.html]

I should take a genius to figure out that you do not ignore sidewalks that even abled body individuals can get seriously hurt, as I did.

Then the city sewers. Did suddenly the DPW Director have a nightmare to suddenly discover that the sewer system needs to be updated.

Furthermore does the DPW director out that the patchwork repairs of the streets, water system, the sewer system would be better served by completely replacing it even in sections rather than to pay staff or even outside contractors the going overtime rates? The mere inconvenience of having to do without these "modern conveniences" much less raise our taxes for the added expense of paying overtime rates for "EMERGENCY REPAIRS" !!!
Just remember that all of these things eventually will lead to higher proper taxes for every owner of every property in the City, but also every renter since the landlords will be passing the increases in property taxes in the form of increases in rents! That means everyone in the City of Rutland will have to bear the costs of these decades of neglect!

Isn't it time that all of the incompetent officials (both elected and appointed) get booted out of office and we find more competent people? DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY CURRENT OFFICIAL IN THE CITY OF RUTLAND !!!


I have lived in Rutland City since 2003, Vermont since 1993, and one question comes to my mind, how am I supposed to raise my children here when I am surrounded by non New England folks who just enjoy driving around and don't even know about town meeting day?

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