This should be a concern for everyone here in the United States. It’s been turned into a political issue.

Most Republicans don’t believe in it and many Democrats don’t either. They all say our students are being “brainwashed.” Shows how little regard they have for today’s very intelligent students. It’s time these adults went back to school and let the students teach them a thing or two about this real world.

Concerned people in the rest of the world care little about the U.S. making a political football out of this event. However, they do care that the United States, being the world’s largest polluter, stop playing politics and get serious about doing something.

John McClaughry (president of Ethan Allen Institute) had a piece regarding climate change in the Saturday, Sept. 14, Rutland Herald. Always thought he was a reasonable and intelligent person but he sure fell off the cliff on this one and buried his head in the sand clear up to his shoulders. A week later, his buddy, Rob Roper, pretty much wrote the same thing in the Saturday, Sept. 21, Rutland Herald, thus burying his head in the sand, also. (Ethan Allen must be rolling over in his grave.)

In the Tuesday, Sept. 24, Rutland Herald, James B. Hall decided he should join the fray. In his article, he pointed out Mother Nature has had heat waves and ice ages for millions of years. We lost all the dinosaurs 70 million years ago. What he said is absolutely correct. Mother Nature has its own balanced system to take care of the Earth.

But he misses the whole point, as John and Rob did. This is not Mother Nature’s problem. This is a human problem. For the first time in history, there are over 7 billion humans trying to live on this planet, many of them failing.

However, here in the U.S., the world’s richest country, we have only one problem: How to fatten up more billionaires no matter what the cost. What happens to our present planet doesn’t matter, it’s all about how much money can we make today? Someone else can worry about tomorrow.

So, today, it’s the human element that’s causing the problems. Smart students realize they aren’t going to need an extensive education if their home, this planet, is no longer being livable. They are not interested in “left or right” politics. They are smart enough to know their future, without change, is in a life-threatening situation.

Yes, it does require making tough choices. Students are sick of seeing their elders still in a state of denial. It’s time adults wake up to the facts of the real world. Yes, there is another ice age coming (probably lose more dinosaurs) but today’s problem is human heat pollution. P.S. Great thanks to Greta Thunberg.

Take time to think about all of this a bit.

Bill Clark lives in Wells.

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Not to worry. Some scientist will think up a crazy solution to disperse something into the atmosphere that separates carbon from oxygen. It will rain diamonds for a few weeks and then the planet will be healthy again.


First of all, we are not the worlds biggest polluters, China is far beyond us. Secondly, yes our children are being brainwashed. Without the teachers, professors, and liberal media forcing their political agendas on our young people, they would not be all twisted up in this crazy hoax. Does the climate change? Sure. But to believe that we can change the climate of this planet, is ridiculous. We can't even accurately predict tomorrows weather. It's time we start teaching our young people how to read and write and maybe even try some history instead of pushing political opinions in their faces. Remember, these are the same people that eat Tide Pods , and now they are climate experts !

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