Here is the truth: “Black lives matter!”

The letter reveals whoever wrote it cannot, or refuses to, understand that, since the first slave stood upon the ground of our once not-altogether-great country, all the power was in the hands of the white population that took the land from the Indians, then brought in the slaves.

The idea that the BLM movement ideology is farcical and that to think systemic racism and police brutality are responsible for the killing of innocent Black people is not reality, is insane, narrow-minded and without any semblance of rational thought.

Yes, there are many socioeconomic issues that have plagued the inner cities for decades. BLM cares about this; they want to end it. Black lives matter because there has been gross injustice, much of it against people of color, not just in the inner cities but everywhere throughout our country and beyond.

The fact is that much has been accomplished by this movement, just look at who has been nominated as Democratic vice president. Just look at the number of nonwhites who protest every day. BLM people do not want the violence any more than anyone else who cares about this country does.

The president has done his best to fan the flames of violence through his inane words and with the help of unnamed, unsolicited “police” who tear-gas and handcuff innocent protesters who have harmed no one. Unfortunately, an unarmed Black man placed on the ground with a police officer’s knee on his neck, suffocated to death! This was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The BLM movement has allowed us to see who cares as opposed to people who can’t keep their prejudice hidden.

Black lives do matter. They have nothing to be ashamed of. The shame is ours for allowing the abuse of people of color to exist and apparently grow, as we approach the election in November.

If the president allows an election, if he does not destroy the United States Postal Service and if his friends are not able to prevent people from voting, then perhaps we can throw him out and right the wrongs he has caused.

Leonard A. Zivitz lives in East Wallingford.

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WOW...I did not know Mars had a population yet. BLM DOES NOT matter anymore. They have turned a good idea into murder, arson, destruction of property and the end of civilization in the cities they have taken over. There have been far more white slaves in the world, Muslims still own white slaves. I also now know most people know absolutely nothing about the police. BLM/Antifa just want to murder them. Read their manifestos. Civil war is coming. It will be messy, very bloody and I will show no mercy to the enemy on the battlefield. Those of you, white/black/green who support terrorism will not be judged, but destroyed. Get it?

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