Ben & Jerry's relied on a Human Rights Watch report, which accused Israel of being an apartheid state, to decide to stop selling its product to Jews in the disputed areas of East Jerusalem and the West Bank. One assumes that Arabs living in these areas will be able to buy ice cream, just not the Jews. I'm sure the irony of Ben & Jerry's practicing ice cream apartheid itself has escaped the notice of those at the company who made the decision.

As for Human Rights Watch just-published lengthy report calling Israel apartheid, the writer, Omar Shakir, was barred from entering Israel long before the report because of his work with the BDS movement. How can you work for an organization bent on banning, divesting from and sanctioning Israel, while at the same time investigating and writing a report on the Jewish state, for a human rights organization? You can't.

Human Rights Watch is an anti-Israel organization that was even criticized by its founder, Robert L. Bernstein, who said HRW had gone overboard in its criticism of Israel. Quoting from Wikipedia, in October 2009, Bernstein accused the organization of poor research methods and relying on witnesses whose stories cannot be verified and who may testify for political advantage or because they fear retaliation from their own rulers. For Ben & Jerry's to rely on this kind of corrupted information to attack Jews is disgraceful.

Larry Shapiro

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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