To the letter writer who wrote asking if it should be all lives matter, not just black lives, I believe the saying "Black Lives Matter" has never meant black lives matter to the exclusion of other lives and races, but black lives matter along with, and just as sacredly as, other lives and other races, a concept that has been sadly lacking for so much of this country's history.

Craig Tomkinson

Mount Holly

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BLM is a democrat party organization funded by them through ActBlue. (Google "donate BLM) Soros and others run ActBlue and set up "protests" etc. Must have gone cheap and hired less dedicated and more thuggish "protesters" this time and the whole mess got away from them. Opps!

BLM is meant to keep blacks on the democrat plantation and all other Americans cowed lest they be tarred as "racists".


Lots of Americans are the descendants of people that fled abuse and injustice. We are now one society and separating any one part as identified by race, rreligion etc as in need of "special help" is insulting and in the case of BLM, racist. All Lives Matter dies not provide the identity politics dems historically use so of course they disapprove.


To BLM the only lives that matter are black lives. Read some of the speeches, some of their bias, prejudice, thug mentality writings and then decide.


I woke up this morning to a report of to Tulsa police officers fighting for their lives after being shot. They stopped a car with expired tags. How many times is that done every day? And they were gunned down by a pathetic coward. The point is that cops work every day in the crosshairs of anyone who wishes to do them harm. A simple thing like a common traffic stop or a domestic call can end up with them being ambushed. Does anyone wonder why they might be operating in a heightened state of alertness where a sudden unexpected move or challenge to their authority might be perceived as a threat?

From what we've seen in the video's of the Floyd case his death was not an accident it was deliberate and that cop should spend his life in prison. BUT in my book BLUE LIVES ALSO MATTER.

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