States such as Vermont have encouraged the Electoral College to rubber stamp the results of its popular vote.

Vermont by law, likely unconstitutional, prohibits electoral college members from voting for any other candidate than the Vermont-certified popular vote winner. It was the original intent of the Constitution to allow the Electoral College members the ability when confronted with an unsuitable candidate, to choose a candidate they thought was appropriate, even one not listed on the ballot.

Do not blame the Electoral College for Donald Trump. Perhaps look to the states for their allowing, even encouraging the Electoral College process to become a rubber-stamp operation.

David Searles


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I sincerely doubt that the founding fathers in creating the electoral college expected them to vote against the stated wishes of the people they represented. That wouldn't make sense. They were appointed to carry out the wishes of the voters not cast their votes for whomever they judged to be worthy. How corrupt would that have become over time?

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