I know now I can't vote for Donald Trump for the presidency, now after his pronouncement that mentally ill people are the cause of mass shootings. This demonizing of a person or group of people has been his trademark. Enough is enough.

I looked (it) up on a computer years ago and found the mentally ill have very low incidence of violence, compared to the so-called normal population. Now, Trump's false statement has put many people who are mentally ill in danger of bodily harm or even worse. These mass killings are done by hate-filled people.

Remember, President Abraham Lincoln suffered from deep depressions. It is said that the name of Lincoln will live to the end of time.

In my own case, I had an accident on my farm that involved my son and I, and I went into deep depressions knowing my son could have been killed. In my depression, I turned my anger inward and was dying of it and had to have a few shock treatments. They worked somewhat and in a number of short years, the depressions faded away. But then I turned my anger outward. Anytime someone would make a statement that offended me in the least bit, I would hold my anger in and boil on the inside. But I would become enraged every so many years and would blow up and say some nasty things.

Now, I have become a mellow person who is thoughtful and refute my disagreements, trying to turn them into calm and vocal discussions.

Remember, many veterans suffer from mental illness and 1 out of 5 people suffer from mental illness in this country.

A person doesn't realize how bad Trump's bombshells are until one goes off in your own backyard.

Francis T. Haas


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Do you believe that someone who goes into a school, a place of worship or anywhere and tries to murder as many innocent people as they can is sane? Regardless of whether they use a firearm, a pressure cooker IED, a motor vehicle or a fire bomb they all have some kind of mental illness.

Individuals are as different as the mental illnesses that may affect them. For some their illness becomes an intense anger that may be directed against specific individuals or perhaps all society. Some are easily influenced by what they see around them in the news, in video games or violent films. Some have such a low self esteem that committing a horrendous crime and becoming the next subject of the evening news is their outlet.

Sane people do not commit terrible crimes against themselves or anyone else.


This is the craziest thing I've ever heard:

"Sane people do not commit terrible crimes against themselves or anyone else."

Do we open up the jail cells or just rename the prisons mental health facilities?

Gary D

Francis T. Haas... How would you label a person who goes on a rampage and kills and wounds many people? Please Respond for maybe I myself have been wrong in calling these people Mentally Ill.

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