Needing justification for AG Barr's recent exoneration of Michael Flynn, Lindsey Graham plans hearings to investigate "Obamagate" on the premise the Obama administration was trying to undermine the incoming administration by surveilling and "unmasking" Flynn for having conversations with Russia's Ambassador Kislyak regarding lifting of sanctions. The Obama administration knew of Russian interference in the election, and, while Obama was still in office, conversations with Kislyak were subject to intelligence surveillance. Flynn's role in those talks, which suggested undermining the existing U.S. policy, led the Obama administration to inform the incoming Trump team.

So now, Trump minions want to make a case that Obama committed a "crime" in surveilling and identifying Flynn, since they were motivated by that Russian "hoax" investigation.

Asking readers for patience, here is yet one more rebuttal to the hoax business. The Senate Intelligence Committee, a bipartisan committee headed by a Republican, on April 21 this year reported, in its fourth report into Russian election interference, that "the Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) presents a coherent and well-constructed case that Russia engaged in an attempt to interfere with the 2016 presidential election." Further, "... interviews with those who drafted and prepared the ICA affirmed that analysts were under no political pressure to reach specific conclusions."

Case closed? Never, as long as the Trump Protectorate needs to divert attention from our present national calamities, throw meat to the "base" and feed the victim-in-chief's inexhaustible appetite for "exoneration."

But Graham's is not the only investigation into the Flynn case. Stay tuned as the trial court takes it up again.

Kate Taylor


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