I am not convinced that electric cars and solar panels will reverse our climate change problems.

Was not the Earth super hot when the dinosaurs were living? Were they using fossil fuels? Not! Did not the Earth experience an ice age that killed them? What if we are approaching the top of the bell curve as part of the natural evolution of a millennium or several millenniums naturally occurring weather trend? Have not the gasoline and diesel engines of today produce only a fraction of what they polluted in the 1970s? Was not one year in the 1800s known as the year without a summer because a volcano had exploded in Indonesia and the cinders reflected sunlight from the Earth, causing every month to have frost?

We are dealing with bigger forces than can be attributed to the entire human race. We would be better served concentrating on replacing bridges, water lines, sewer lines, electric lines and gas lines which have not been replaced in decades and some in over a century.

Wake up, America, we will be taken over without a shot fired because of our neglect of our infrastructure which will always be important to everyone. What would be helpful with global climate change would be to keep people from building in potential flood areas unless they are willing to rebuild with their own money. We are 20-something trillion in debt and think we can borrow forever. Maybe it is time we pay the piper!

Stephen Cijka


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