During the open hearing on Wednesday, the Republicans on the Oversight Committee showed they not only had no interest in the work of government oversight, but had contempt for the Democrats, who did, and surrendered every one of their allotted minutes to repeated denunciations of the witness, Michael Cohen, an already self-confessed liar and fool. Their performance accomplished little good for themselves or for Mr. Trump.

Two ironies to consider:

First, the depictions of Cohen as so very corrupt could only serve to affirm the moral rot of the man he served, the man the Republicans would protect, the Donald Trump, who for 10 years, did keep, as lawyer and fixer, such a man as Michael Cohen.

Second, in their dogged attacks on Cohen for anything he brought up against Trump, the Republicans showed themselves imprisoned by the same surrender of reason and conscience to mindless fealty that has brought the downfall of the man in the witness chair.

Kate Taylor


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