Those in the Legislature who bring up these bitterly divisive culture war issues, be it the abortion bill proposed now or the gun bills passed last year and gun bills proposed this year, are throwing gasoline on the fires presently burning to ashes the bonds that once held this country together.

These acts serve no useful or practical purpose. The abortion bill, in particular, is proposed in anticipation of a hypothetical situation that has not occurred. These bills appear more aimed at waging a sort of legislative war against real or perceived political opponents, something that has become popular at the national level.

It is not entirely shocking that many have pointed out the similarities between this country's present political and social climate and that of the 1850s. Restoring any semblance of unity in this state and country will depend on how willing to forgo cheap political shots our representatives are. Continuing down this present road will not lead to a good future.

There are very real, non-hypothetical issues facing this state. It would be nice to see the energy presently devoted to dividing the state's people for no real reason put into solving those real issues.

Casey Jennings


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Well said.

Heather Juliussen-Stevenson

The comparison to the 1850s is interesting. Question: Would eliminating the plight of humans in slavery constitute a hypothetical problem then? Because that's the implication behind this letter.
You can't have unity when people don't have bodily autonomy - gun violence and forced pregnancy are certainly about safety and bodily autonomy. This is the very definition of a "real issue."

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