Windsor District Sen. Alison Clarkson recently put forth her “legislative update,” in which she attempted to paint a picture of a successful session of the Vermont Legislature, dedicated to “improving the lives of Vermonters.” If you swallowed that, and buy her position that this is the fifth most desirable state, economically and jobwise, to live in, then why, instead of suffering from a lack of people, why aren’t people flocking here?

Vermont even has to offer $10,000 for out-of-staters to come, live and work here. The governor laments that we have a shortage of 30,000 school students. Schools are being forced to consolidate, creating hardships for many that include long commutes. Colleges are closing. Graduating students are forced to leave due to lack of opportunities.

If we could mitigate the damage done by the Legislature each year, we might actually be the fifth best or even better. With a Democrat-controlled super-majority Legislature that taxes anything that moves and anything that does not move, what else can we expect for the future? Clarkson revels in a health theme that includes a radical abortion bill, not healthy for the deceased child, and if the truth were known, for the woman either. The passage of H.47 into law, after the Democrats in lockstep rejected any reasonable compromises, permits the abortion of a fetus through the entire nine months of pregnancy. She expresses pride in the work to enshrine that right into state law, and she hopes into our Constitution, the most radical of abortion bills in the nation, that would give unrestricted right to a woman to end the life of a healthy fetus, even up to seconds before delivery.

Eighty percent of Americans, pro-life and pro-choice, are justifiably appalled at this but the liberal Democrats are proud of it.

Bob Orleck


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I really doubt anybody is proud of the abortion bill but it is obvious that a woman's right to make her own choices is imperiled by this sicko supreme court the GOP has lined up. While it may seem extreme to you it is also a statement that says Vermont isn't going to play by the rules set down by a bogus, extremist, Court. And they shouldn't. As for late term abortions, do you honestly think it will take 9 months for a woman to decide she isn't going to have the baby inside her? My guess, it would be extremely rare.

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