I have a message for those Rutland Herald readers and others who are planning to vote for Donald Trump on Nov. 3: Please don’t.

Of course, this might be falling on deaf ears because, I’m guessing, supporters of Donald Trump do not read bona fide news media such as this newspaper because if they did, they would know how they are selling their country down the river by voting for a man who is so clearly, overwhelmingly autocratic and who would, in the blink of an eye, given the chance, assume the role of a dictator. This is no joke. This is not some liberalist’s fantasy. This is a real threat to what this country has always stood for.

But then, of course, because of our whacked out Electoral Collage system, your pro-Trump vote won’t matter anyway in Vermont, just as the votes of nearly three million pro-Clinton voters didn’t matter in a national election in 2016 that gave the presidency to a man who is now trying to destroy our way of life.

So even if you decide to vote for Donald Trump on Nov. 3, at least, before then, do your homework. Watch news other than on Fox, listen to radio commentators other than Rush Limbaugh and read the real media, conservative and/or liberal, and see if you can see the part you might be unwittingly playing in the destruction of your country.

Craig Tomkinson

Mount Holly

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keith neyman

HAHAHA Read the the almost defunct Herald?? I do but only because it's the only local option. Some how you think Biden (the guy that can't recall what he's even running for is a better option??! You obviously have drank the Lib coolaid.

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