It's either black or white with the impeachment of President Trump.

The rabid Republicans deny everything and the Dems from the far left agree with everything. This split down the middle of the impeachment process is headed to a constitutional crisis for America. Tons and tons of evidence spells out a bad essay on White House politics and a picture of greed and corruption.

If Trump actually did what the Steele Dossier says he did, than he and his political party are in deep trouble. We, as free Americans, dislike and fear Russian interference of any kind and that seems to be the main issue. Withholding the aid to Ukraine right when they are fighting our enemy was wrong. Now the president has no explanation for it and Congress wants to know why.

It may be that finding out about the Russian interference with our elections and in Ukraine will solve this issue. Black or white don't cut it, as this case is more complicated than that.

Thomas W. King


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Tom, you are a brainwashed puppet.

Gary D

Tommy... Where have you been???? That report has already been proven False and it only took the democrats 3 years to prove it. I bet you like crackers and ya sit on a perch 'cause ya sound just like a CNN Parrot.

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