Mr. Weseman made a brilliant suggestion in his Jan. 4 letter on page A4 (Open letter to delegates). I have said for many years that all it would take to solve many of our local and national issues is to hold our elected officials to the same standards we must face. This is true for health care costs, including prescriptions, basic living expenses for food, fuel and shelter, employment, justice issues, even differential environmental health concerns.

Now, we face another government shutdown with intractable positions buried in ivory tower mentality. There is plenty of blame to go around, but to have a president sworn to protect all Americans casually state this could last for months or even years, as far as he is concerned, disturbs me greatly. Despite what politicians believe, there are real effects on real Americans. I am glad I do not work for the government, but my tax dollars pay those who do.

Again, Mr. Weseman had the right idea. Force those who occupy the White House and Congress to handle their own trash, meal preparation, laundry, etc., and the shutdown would end immediately.

Russell Green

West Rutland

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