A friend of mine went to Price Chopper a few days ago. When it was time to check out, she found herself in a hazardous situation. The man in front of her in line wore no mask. The woman checking out in front of him wore her mask around her neck. Both customers were presenting a hazard to the clerk and to my friend.

When my friend asked that masks be put on, an unpleasant confrontation ensued. Then, in the parking lot, a teenager driving the male customer from the store screamed at her from his vehicle.

Since the governor of the state of Vermont has asked for the public to wear masks, I suggest some possible solutions:

1. Price Chopper could greet people at the door and insist on mask wearing before entering.

2. Price Chopper could refuse to check out customers who do not wear masks, thus providing safety for their employees and other customers.

3. Price Chopper can declare its store as a “no man’s land” where people can take their chances. Customers looking for a safe shopping experience can look elsewhere.

Customers should not have to confront others regarding mask wearing. Wearing a mask in public is the norm and at the governor’s direction. In order to protect customers and employees, places of business should close their doors to those who won’t comply at this time.

Stay safe.

Victoria Crain


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