I would like to address one of the couple of problems that Rutland has. We have horrible roads with gigantic potholes. They are ruining people's vehicles.

I have heard many adults complaining about the lack of roads being fixed and how they are needing to buy new parts for their vehicles due to the condition of the city’s roads. I’m 17 years old, making minimum wage and should be able to drive around my own town without having to get new parts for my car.

I know it's going to take a lot of time and effort, but it will bring positive outcomes to Rutland. It could potentially bring more people here and not drive people away. If they have more people working on the roads, it could get done quicker. So maybe we could hire more workers to get our roads fixed. So let's spend our tax money on the roads we have to drive on every day.

Makayla Brogren


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