Kesha Ram opened her recent Herald op-ed with the assertion that “white men” have had too much say about abortion.

As a white male, I dutifully stopped reading there. But I’ve got to ask what the purpose is of the word “white” in that phrase.

No doubt, the answer has to do with slavery or colonialism or something. But before you relax, non-white men, consider that she really isn’t interested in your opinion, either. You’re still male, after all. No, the word “white” was just a bit of gratuitous woke-signaling on her part. She really wants all men to shut up.

The truth is she wants women to pipe down, too, unless they’re on her side.

This is a totalitarian impulse disguised as a call for liberation. Don’t let it fool you. The woke message always boils down to yelling “shut up” to anybody who disagrees, and implicit — always — is the threat “or else.” We’ve been hearing that all over Vermont lately, from folks too sensitive to hear somebody speak at Middlebury College (but not too sensitive to riot about it) to Kesha Ram, who’s no doubt got a secret number in her head indicating when too many white men have stated their opinions.

It’s past time to call the wokesters on this rhetoric. Those of us lucky enough to live in a place with the tradition of free speech and free thought we have here should reject their attitude with the mockery and derision it deserves.

Kevin Thornton


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